Lyme and the Stars

Just recently more news of “famous people” being affected by Lyme has become a mainstream topic. From Ex U.S Presidents to singers and all in between have been infected with this disease.

Here are a few “famous” types confirmed to have Lyme Disease –  Alec Baldwin, Avril Levine, George W Bush, Parker Posey, Daryl Hall and most recently Yolanda Foster – to name a handful.

So no amount of money or status can protect you from Lyme and other Tick born disease as the above list of people confirms, so with that in mind always be aware of the fact that anyone of us, can (and do) contract Lyme.

Protect yourself accordingly when you are out in potential Tick habitat(s). Long sleeves and pant legs, bug spray and body checks once you are back inside can all go into keeping you safe. Unfortunately the “stars” also have to contend with the nastiest of all parasite – Paparazzi, I thankfully do not!

Thanks for reading my Sunday morning musings. Remember stay tick free and healthy

Spirochete Pete signing off . . . .

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