Liver Detox

Got that sluggish feeling? Eyes not as bright as they used to be? Skin looking dull, Brain fog? Nausea becoming a little persistent in its attempts at side-lining you with that awful feeling?Low Energy levels and fatigue keeping you from putting one foot in front of the other? Well if you are doing as I am and trying to kill the Lyme invaders and its cohorts it is inevitable that toxin levels will rise from die-off and eventually end up in your Liver and could be the reason why your Liver ALT levels increase, the Liver is getting over-loaded with waste that can become toxic. Maybe your are just wanting to remove everyday garbage from your system, or just a heavy weekend drinking with the guys, but no matter why you need it, you can safely detox by using my methods and others that are out there. Just remember all “detoxes” are not made equal. My type of detox is pretty safe as compared to some extreme liver/colon cleanse. Just remember that you need to check with your Dr and see if they have a reason for or against doing it. Ok read on . . .

Firstly we have to encourage cellular detox and to start things rolling try a good old fashioned Epsom salts bath, this in itself is a very effective method of not only helping a tired achy body but it really helps your body to start flushing cellular waste by absorbing the magnesium sulfate which in turns manages to encourage waste products to be flushed out during the process – just Google Epsom salt detox baths and you will find lots of good information. Drinking PLENTY of water during and after a detox bath is very necessary so drink drink drink till your bladder thinks its working overtime. If you have read my previous posts on supplements I mentioned Glutathione- a very powerful anti-oxidant and Liver detox aid – see this article  – and this is why I use it once a day. Milk Thistle helps the Liver and boost Glutathione levels (we actually make Glutathione internally but not enough in this case). NAC (N-acetylcysteine) helps the body make – you guessed it  . . Glutathione. I also use digestive aids, such a liver Bile salts and others especially when I feel my Gallbladder start to grumble as mine does from the Lyme disease being firmly entrenched in there – yes Gallbladder is a really good place for the Lyme Disease to hide and we find it equally hard to get our medications in there to kick some Lyme ass.

So that’s just a taster of the Detox world (safe detox) and there are thousands of blogs, websites and forums to help you on your way. Just remember to be safe and have a plan and stick to it. I do not profess to be qualified to give specific advice but I follow my regime and so far so good,

So that’s my Sunday evening preachings to the interested, I think  . . . . but I am not sure if anyone even know the existence of this site???????

Spirochete Pete signing off for now . . . cheers and here’s to Spring – but remember its Tick season, cover,spray and check after being outside.

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