Supplements – Positive thinking!

Probably the most important “supplement” of all is the power of positivity and positive thinking.  If you use it as a placebo to help healing or meditation to improve your quality of life by attracting positive results the end results are clear – a positive outlook is proven to help no matter your situation. I know I hear you moaning at yet another hippie drippie term . . . but the results of multiple studies show that positive thinking is the key to better health and general quality of life. From monks of the old world to top performers in the modern day (and all in between) the one self directed technique that costs nothing and has potentially unending good results is positive thinking and verbalization. So from my POV whats there to lose? Costs nothing with a whole lot of pay off. Give it a go. Google it (studies) if you dont believe me. I am the first person to appreciate feeling helpless and isolated from months and months of feeling unwell and being unable to live a normal life, but we all have to keep a positive outlook. Its easier said than done but it does help, trust me.

Feedback always welcomed, so put your ten cents worth in.

Again signing off and remember to Cover Up Bug Spray Body Check (CUBSBC) if you wanna stay Lyme free.

Spirochete Pete out  . . . .

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