• Lyme Disease is the fastest growing vector born disease, surpassing HIV & West Nile.
  • Some Infectious Disease Experts say that Lyme Disease has the potential to be the next big epidemic.
  • Lyme Disease is spread through the bite from an infected tick and is also sexually transmitted
  • The Lyme virus is closely related to the Syphilis virus
  • There are usually Co-Infections that accompany Lyme disease – they can be devastating also if left untreated.
  • Left untreated Lyme can shorten life spans and can cause devastating long term effects – often being misdiagnosed as MS, Parkinsons etc.
  • only 30% of Lyme patients get the “Bulls Eye” rash
  • The majority of people don’t even remember being bitten in the first place.
  • Other infection pathways are being studied – i.e.Mosquito and Flea bites along with exposure to rodent urine
  • Chronic Lyme Disease is usually a result of delayed treatment or inadequate initial treatment with anti-biotics
  • Ontario testing (ELISA) is very unreliable
  • IGeneX Lab test (California based Company) has developed very accurate testing (Western Blot test 31kDa Epitope Test)
  • Lyme disease can present symptoms not unlike MS, Lupus and Alzheimers
  • There is a lot of unneeded controversy around Lyme due to politics and the almighty dollar
  • As a potential Lyme disease patient you will have to fight every inch of the way to be diagnosed and receive the correct medical treatment.
  • Here is the critter that spreads the disease
  • tick small
  • Here is the actual Lyme Spirochete (Borrelia burgdorferi) that causes all the damage
  • spiro small


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